Defect Inspections

Property and Building Defect Inspections

The main goal of property and building defect inspections is to ensure that your property is safe, with no health risk or hazards to any occupants. A defect is generally defined as an imperfection that impairs worth or function. In terms of buildings and construction works, a property and building defect is something that is measured against existing administrative rules and regulations from the state or community, and against the standards of practice in inspection associations.

Through a detailed and systematic inspection of your property and its fixtures, sources of risk and potential causes of accidents can be identified in old buildings as well as in newly constructed buildings.

Finding significant major and even minor defects is important, but it is often overlooked. Getting a property inspection done can save you both time and money in repairs and accidents in the future.

To ensure that your property is safe, have an inspection conducted and choose the correct inspection service. Even when homeowners and property managers get their property inspected for defects, sometimes the benefits are not realised. This is often a result of an inspection service that did not do a thorough job. It’s important to have your property inspected regularly and thoroughly to ensure safety.

Why is having your property inspected for defects important?

Right now is the correct moment to have your property and building inspected. Regular property and building defect inspections are important as they deal with time-sensitive safety hazards. Left unattended, these major and minor defects can lead to incredible harm to tenants and visitors.

Here are several reasons why having your property inspected for defects is important:

1. Expert knowledge is needed to notice certain defects

As a regular property owner, you might not know that a feature or fixture of your house already has a defect. It is also possible that a defect in your property is simply concealed and difficult to detect. It can also be difficult to remain completely objective about a property, especially if it’s a property you are emotionally attached to.

An authority well-versed in construction methods and materials, as well as existing safety guidelines, is necessary to identify these defects objectively and accurately. Proper inspection is critical for defects that have health hazards, such as buildings which have asbestos and other contaminants.

2. Building inspections can help prevent financial loss.

Allowing defects to the compound will make it more difficult to repair or address the problem later on.

Defects such as water leakages and unsafe electrical connections can get progressively worse as time goes by. It’s important to prevent these complications from happening, as they present bigger consequences, both physically and financially.

A pre-emptive inspection also allows you to plan for repairs and renovations if needed.

3. Having your property inspected is essential in negotiating sales or purchases.

Investors and buyers require proof about the integrity of the property before proceeding with a sale. A building inspection is important in providing independent, objective advice and information.

Inspections services are reliable because they are backed by Professional Indemnity insurance provisions.

4. Third-party inspections are an objective source of documentation before a major construction work.

Before moving into a new house or property, or before making the purchase, having the building inspected can help you make a case if ever there are health and safety hazards present.

It is more difficult to claim accountability after purchase or after the move, as the builder or construction workers can say that you created the damage yourself.

Thorough inspections from Exceptional Building Inspections

When it comes to your safety and your property’s integrity, it’s important that your defect inspection service values thoroughness. No nook or cranny should be left unturned when it comes to property and building defects.

The highest number and most expensive insurance claims are because of missed defects not being reported. This is something that Exceptional Building Inspections understands well, which is why their service values the importance of time spent.

With decades of experience, Exceptional Building Inspections offers defect inspections and reports that are guaranteed to be thorough, working through the regulations and safety procedures without unnecessary rush. Their inspections cover specific defects within the property, like a leak in the bathroom, or defects associated with the whole property, and minor defects as well. Reports, which are accompanied by photos, also include costs associated with any repair work as well as other details you might require.

Have your building inspected today by a professional friendly and reliable service with public insurance, extensive background, and experience. Guarantee your property’s safety and security.